Course Name: 

Preventive Regenerative Fasciology: Fascia 101

Cost of course: 

$499 Regular cost is $1500

Hours of CE credit: 

12 Hours 

Course description: 

Preventative Regenerative Fasciology (PRF) Course introduces the concept of enhancing movement and performance through Manual Manipulation. Using the principles of IASTM or "Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization" using the Fasciablaster. The Fasciablaster allows the practitioner to identify areas of restriction while promoting the remodeling and regeneration of soft tissue. This course covers the Anatomy, Physiology, and Neurology of Fascia, along with applied soft tissue manipulation techniques that help increase the integrity of the connective tissue. Based on studies conducted, these instruments deliver superior outcomes for the patient by addressing Skin, Fascia, Muscle, and Nerves effectively through mechanical manipulation. PRF is a manual therapy and assessment course that encourages clinical reasoning and creativity when incorporating myofascial tools.

Course Objective: 

  • The Biochemistry and Biomechanics of Soft Tissue
  • Fasciology 101
  •  Fascial Analysis 
  • Why Fascial Blasting
  • Fascial Blasting Demo
  • Fascial Blasting Hands-on Lab

Course Includes: 

  • Course materials 
  • Two starter tools. Additional tools and Kits will be available to purchase.
  • Lunch both days 
  • Networking reception
  • Listing on our FasciaFinder App (Launching 2022)