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Ashley Black’s Preventative
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Fascia Advancement Academy - Enhance Your Practice
Fascia Advancement Academy - Enhance Your Practice
Fascia Advancement Academy - Enhance Your Practice
Fascia Advancement Academy - Enhance Your Practice
Fascia Advancement Academy - Enhance Your Practice
Fascia Advancement Academy - Enhance Your Practice

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  • Introduce practitioners to Preventative Regenerative Fasciology™ Therapy

  • Assess soft tissue in order to provide specific treatment protocols

  • Learn how to mechanically manipulate soft tissue through specifically designed instruments and manual techniques

  • Learn non-invasive techniques to quickly identify and resolve soft tissue disorders that are not efficiently treated through conventional methods.

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Fascia Advancement Academy - Ultrasounds

Our Findings are Peer Reviewed and Published

FasciaBlasting is the ONLY system, proven to regenerate fascia tissue

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Fascia Advancement Academy - Ultrasounds

“I’ve been teaching for 37 years, and this is the best I’ve ever seen.”

Dr. Kenneth Thomas, DC

Fascia Advancement Academy - Ultrasounds

“This is my mission and my passion - to spread Fasciology globally.”

Steven Black, Executive Apprentice 10 years Fascialogy experience

Fascia Advancement Academy - Ultrasounds

“My mission is to leave people better than I found them. If our paths have crosses, it's never by mistake.”


Fascia Advancement Academy - Ultrasounds Fascia Advancement Academy - Ultrasounds

Before we go:

The Preventative Regenerative Fasciology Level 1 Course, Basics and Fundamentals, does NOT certify you in Ashley Black’s Fasciology. However, you will be given a certificate of completion and hosted on the FasciaFinder App as a Level One participant. You will be provided with a “seal” that reflects this level of education you can use on your marketing materials. We do not require a formal license to take our course; however, the coursework is high level, and a solid understanding of anatomy/ physiology as well as a grasp of the information in Ashley’s book, is necessary in order to absorb the material and training provided. Our courses are not open to the general public but are open for individuals wanting to incorporate Fasciology into their medical or massage practices, retreats, coaching, spas, or other professional work.  In some of our events, we provide CEUs through the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and BodyWork, so please provide a license, and enroll in one of our CEU-providing classes, that you can find here.

Fascia Advancement Academy

BRONZE Certified

To become certified, one will
be required to take:

Regenerative Fasciology
Level 2 course

A specialty course such as
hip opening or alignment
assessment and treatment

A physical and practical
exam to become
BRONZE certified.

Fascia Advancement Academy Fascia Advancement Academy

To achieve the upper levels of certification

Fascia Advancement Academy

SILVER Certified

Fascia Advancement Academy

GOLD Certifieddd

Fascia Advancement Academy

BLACK Certified

We will be designing custom programming to help you learn the most advanced Fasciology techniques.

Fasciology is not something that you can learn in a course. Fasciology takes years and years of practice to refine. This is why we teach the Level 1 course and allow at least a year of practical application before offering a Level 2 course. What we teach is career and life-changing, so be patient and come join the Ashley Black’s Fasciology family, where we support your skills and your business.

It is your responsibility to research the laws of your city, state, country, and employer regarding the use of FasciaBlasters. We encourage you to check with your local insurance provider to see what coverage is available for bodywork. We provide Fasciology education and, ultimately, certification, but these do not supersede the laws governing your region.